Sunday, September 4, 2016

Neat! I got reviewed!

Adventure Anthology One: Shepherds of Pineford

I wrote an adventure many years ago called Shepherds of Pineford for the Basic Fantasy Role Playing Game. You can find it here. It's on page 28! Recently I was shocked to see that Jon Bupp had decided to review my adventure and noted that he really enjoyed it - and that it was an easy convert to 5th Edition! Thank you Jon!

The kind words:
The Shepherds of Pineford has two locations, the town of Pineford, and the simple ruins. I may use the town at some other time. Pretty straightforward, but with a few hooks, and a few suggestions on why the party might be there. Perfect for a sandbox game. I was able to to a quick read thru shortly before our session and felt comfortable running it.
You can find the full review, as well as some of his play notes, at his blog.

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