Friday, June 23, 2017

"Helpful" Magical Items

The path to hell is paved in good intentions...

Magical items, in general, are helpful by definition. They actively support you in a number of ways and most players want some kind of magical item. The obvious exception are cursed items, which are intended to hurt you. The following are not cursed - they just want to help more!

The Long Arm of the Law
Generally, a +1 weapon, this is a heavy crossbow or longbow that is intended to help keep the user safe from being labeled a criminal. The magic of the weapon comes into effect when in any jurisdiction that has bans on murder.  In order to keep the wielder on the right side of the law, the weapon will not allow itself to be used to murder any sentient creature. When in such a jurisdiction, if fired at a goblin, orc, human, elf or any other sentient creature, the long arm of the law will transmute the arrow or bolt into a burst of flower pedals (50%), butterflies (25%) or a white dove that will fly away (25%). This change is permanent.

XP: 1,500

The Savers Pouch
Often made of silk and stitched with gold or silver thread, this small belt pouch is very rare. When worn, the magic of the pouch comes into effect, and 15% (gold stitching) or 10% (silver stitching) of the full value of all treasure that the character is carrying or near (that is their share) will disappear. Additionally, any coins, gems, or other monetary instruments put into the bag will also disappear. The money is completely safe from being stolen, or lost. In the event that the bag is stolen, it will return to the person who first put money into it within 2d4 days.

Withdrawing money, on the other hand, is not possible. Only when the player character reaches "venerable age" (see Player's Handbook) will the pouch suddenly burst with coins, gems, and other valuable items. In general, the player will see a compound interest of 1d4% (calculated yearly).

1% of bags include a command word, which is "Trust" followed by a person's name. The character can use this command word to target another individual as the person able to open and use the pouches contents. The character can also include conditions such as "Complete Wizard School" or "Adventure for 5 years."

There is a 5% chance that such an item is cursed, and is known as a Hedge Pouch. These pouches can have money pulled out from whenever, and by anyone who knows the command word: Distribute. Anytime the command word is said, there is a percentage gain or loss of 1d10%. Roll 1d10 and a 1d6. Even numbers are positive, odd numbers are negative. If negative, the bag will not distribute money and will instead permanently destroy  that percentage of the wealth in the bag. If the bag gets to zero, roll 1d10, and that is the percentage of the starting value of the bag that is now owed to the bag. Failure to pay will result in the bag destroying items of value before the character can touch them until the debt is paid. Then the pouch will disappear.

XP: 5,000 (Gold), 3,000 (Silver), -- (Hedge)

The Helm of Happiness
This helmet is generally made out of steel or bronze and is often carved with an eagle, kingfisher, or other large hunting bird. Two large wings of bronze and gold extend from the side offering ear protection. The helmet has powerful abjuration charms woven into it, and grants a bonus of 1 to the wearers AC. However, when the character encounters something threatening that could - potentially - make them unhappy, the true power of the helmet comes into effect. The wings flip forward covering the eyes of the wearer, and the head and neck of the bird animate and lift off the helmet. The bird begins to sing happy and cheerful tunes, modulating it's volume to exceed the volume of any growling, shouting, roaring or other unpleasant and unhappy sounds. This stays in effect until all threats are gone.

XP: 500

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